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There is nothing more uplifting than the confidence and beauty that comes from a smile.
At Dental Solutions Oatley, we listen to your story and discover why you want to enhance your smile and why it matters to you.


We’re a family-run dental practice, passionate about delivering the highest quality dental care in accordance with our core family values.

Valuing prevention over cure, we aim to minimise the amount of major dental work your family will need over a generation. The most inexpensive and painless form of dentistry is regular contact with your dentist, and fostering good dental habits.

That’s why we will waive the gap on regular cleans and check-ups for children 15 years and under. Dental health is a cornerstone of wellbeing over a lifetime. With long-term, continuous care we will transform your dental experience.


We are committed to cutting-edge technology, ongoing professional development, and a compassionate approach to dentistry.

Listening to your individual needs and tailoring your dental plan accordingly is fundamental to our practice. We’ll discuss all your options before any major procedure. There are no hidden gaps or fees.

If you’re someone who has let their dental health get away from them, a single of any age, or a family looking for a complete health plan – we’ll provide you with the most comprehensive and cost-effective dental solutions

Come in for a consult and we’ll get you started. If there’s any immediate major work required, we’ll deduct the consult fee.


Skin Health and Rejuvenation with stem cells and growth factor (PRP and CGF)
Need to improve your smile?
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Want options for tooth whitening?
Dentist and kids, what’s a good time to meet?
Are you embarrassed about a tooth?

Are you worried about booking an appointment?

Afraid of your past experiences with dental clinics?

Call us, and let us talk to you. We are gentle, caring dentists that want to provide a stress-free consultation. At Dental Solutions Oatley, we listen to you and provide simple, painless help.

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