Flossing…… It’s not just a Dance!

Why floss when you brush twice a day? Do you need to floss or are you wasting your time??

The need for flossing is different for every individual.

Although good brushing techniques gets to most surfaces of your teeth, the areas in between teeth are left with small particles of food, attracting bacteria. This bacteria increases your chances of cavities and can often leave you with bad breath.

Teeth that are perfectly in line accumulate and retain less plaque, however most people don’t perfect teeth. Quite often, our teeth imperfections in either shape or alignment provide the perfect hiding place for small food particles to work their magic and cause cavities in these tiny gaps.

The easiest way to clean between the gaps is to floss.

Floss is a thin strand that passes through teeth cleaning that your tooth brush can’t reach.

As our gum recedes, the floss is too thin to clean and simply moves the particles around from one side to another.

To clean these areas, a tiny brush called an interdental brush is perfect to pass in between your teeth and remove stubborn food particles, leaving a clean surface and reducing bad breath.

Interdental brushes are available in different sizes and your dentist is the best person to guide you and make you aware of your oral hygiene needs.

Will you benefit from flossing or interdental brushing?