Want options for tooth whitening?

Its not just Coffee, tea, red wine and other pleasures of life that make our teeth appear yellow with time. At times we are just given a yellow set of teeth from the very start.
It’s a pity we have to live with it.

Well! Not any more, we have options to give you a sparkling bright smile.

At Dental solutions oaltey, Dr. Shilpa does 6 monthly in chair whitening treatments for her patients who like to stop the clock and stay forever shiny.

She offers 2 types of whitening treatments.

In Chair whitening for an instant jumpstart. The procedure takes 75 minutes. Have it done 6 monthly or as a jump start to your take home top up.

Or just whiten in the comfort of your own home.

Take home kit – in only 15 minutes Dr shilpa can take moulds of your teeth and you can start your whitening journey at home the very next day.
This take home kit includes trays custom made to fit and hold the whitening gel on your teeth and a box of whitening material+instructions. Once you have your trays all you need is more whitening gel as and when it runs out.

We ll be happy to discuss which of the 2 will suit you the most and get you sparkling in no time.