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Skin rejuvenation with CGF

June 5, 2019

Skin rejuvenation with CGF At Dental solutions Oatley, we are proud to be among cutting edge of skin rejuvenation and care. Did you know advanced Platelet Rich Plasma and Concentrated growth factor can help treat: Unhealthy, dull skin. For signs of sagging skin Fine lines around the mouth, cheek, and eyes. Dark circles and puffiness… Read More

Smile about your smile

June 5, 2019

Get your teeth and face back to where you want so you can SMILE ABOUT YOUR SMILE. Are your teeth, worn down or chipped? Are you missing teeth? Are you aware and self-conscious about your smile?  You no longer smile at or with your children or grandchildren and you won’t even consider smiling for photos. … Read More

Dentists and Kids – When is the best time to meet?

June 5, 2019

If a child’s first dental experience is for a tooth ache or a filling it may create a lifelong fear of dentist. So when is the right time to introduce your child to your dentist? Buildling a positive experience should never be underestimated. So depending on the age, your child’s interaction with your dentist will… Read More

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