Smile about your smile

Get your teeth and face back to where you want so you can SMILE ABOUT YOUR SMILE.

Are your teeth, worn down or chipped? Are you missing teeth?

Are you aware and self-conscious about your smile?  You no longer smile at or with your children or grandchildren and you won’t even consider smiling for photos.  You no longer enjoy simple day to day pleasures like eating your favorite steak or snacking on nuts.  .

The good news is here……. Dentistry has changed in its approach not just in the last 20 years but also over the last 5 years and we have embraced these changes.

Oatley Dental approaches your smile with a HOLISTIC approach, considering not only what goes inside your mouth but considers the role of your face and neck.

The human body is an Amazing.

Every element and part in your mouth, face and neck is connected to each other. They all work together like a well-oiled machine that allows you to eat, and speak.  More amazingly these interconnected parts allow you to display emotions, like smile and laugh when happy.

So if it’s either one chipped or lost tooth, it means that your entire head and neck is affected. It’s like when a cog in the wheel falls off. Things go slightly off balance as the forces are distributed amongst fewer elements. The body manages to cope (loss of one tooth) until another cog falls off and then eventually you are left a highly unbalanced machine trying to move.

The same applies to humans. Imagine you chip your tooth slightly and decide not to treat it. By making this decision you run the risk of the chipped tooth breaking even further, and potentially losing the tooth altogether. Once you lose this tooth, your remaining teeth will take the load, until they go through the same cycle and over the years you run the risk of losing multiple teeth.

A loss of multiple teeth reduces your capacity eat a wide variety of foods, your speech will change as your teeth help you pronounce words and more than likely you will be conscious of your smile, preferring to smile with your mouth closed.

A loss of multiple teeth will also change your facial structure. There will be a noticeable sinking and drooping of your cheeks.  As your jaw appears lower it gives the impression that you have a permanent upside down smile.

At Dental Solutions Oatley, we look at your dental issues holistically. This means we can rehabilitate the mouth and face out of its crippling phase with number of options phased over a period of time, tailored to suit your needs.

We can help restore your smile so you will want to Smile about your smile.

You can achieve your end goal by first understanding where you are and where you would like to be

Plan how to get there

  • Stabilize existing oral and facial condition to prevent further damage and deterioration.
  • Rehabilitate and recondition lost elements (teeth, joints, gum, bone, muscle and skin)
  • To ultimately reach a maintenance phase.
  • At dental solutions Oatley, our philosophy and goal is to let families and individuals enjoy their life with a smile that they can smile about.
  • If we can be helpful in contributing to a small part of your happiness- you basically make our day.