Here at Dental Solutions Oaltey, our aim is to provide you with a high standard of dental care that is second to none, so you feel confident that you are receiving the best treatments for all your dental needs.

To ensure that you can receive high-quality treatments in comfort, we make sure our practice facilities and equipment are of the latest technology and good quality. Our Dental clinic in Oatley boasts some of the modern state of the art dental technology and is well known for delivering an exceptional level of dental care.



OUR DENTISTS WEAR LOUPES TO GET THE BEST VIEW OF YOUR TEETH.   You want your dentist to have the bes




You want your dentist to have the best possible view of your teeth to identify any problems and recommend the most suitable dental treatments. For your peace of mind, our dentist at Dental Solutions Oatley wear Loupes routinely for all dental procedures.


Loupes are one of the most popular types of magnifiers used by dental professionals today. Along with the loupes we have a bright light, this gives us a magnified and clear view of your teeth, enabling us to see things that aren’t visible to the naked eye or when using less advanced tools. 





The saying that “a picture paints a thousand words” cannot be truer.

At Dental Solutions Oatley our inta-oral camera enables us to 

  • Build a friendly relationship with our young patients, children love having photos taken 
  • Gives you the opportunity to see what your dentist is seeing
  • Assess your oral condition easily, we can see your dental condition magnified on a large monitor enabling us to find and better treat preventing a bigger problem.
  • You can see your dental condition magnified on the large monitor
  • Monitor changes in your mouth and your treatment progress
  • Ability to see the most hidden and darkest recesses of your mouth
  • Educate you and help improve your oral health and understand your mouth
  • Improve your ability to look after your teeth at home
  • Help you understand why treatment may be recommended 

Making it the most powerful tool for dental diagnosis, patient education and communication. 



Diode laser dentistry is a proven technique for reshaping gum tissue, exposing healthy tooth structure and improving the appearance of a gummy smile.


Its versatile application includes:

  • Treatment of cold sores and mouth ulcers
  • Tongue tie release and Frenectomy, preventing speech impediments
  • Suture free excision of tissue polyp or removal of tissue folds under the denture
  • Removal of gum flap from wisdom teeth
  • Gum sculpting to improve a gummy smile
  • Control bleeding 

Some of the benefits of diode laser dentistry are:

  • Minimise bleeding during soft tissue treatment
  • Bacterial infections are minimised because the laser sterilises the area being treated
  • No stiches required
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Minimal or no anaesthesia required


Our Digital X-rays at Dental Solutions Oatley allow us to perform the necessary assessment of your underlying oral condition with greatly enhanced benefit, ease of procedure and minimal radiation.


Advantages of using digital X-rays:

  • The X-ray image of our teeth appears straight on our viewing screen, this facilitates a greater understanding of what might be hidden under the gum, in the jaw or in between the teeth.
  • The degree of radiation is reduced by an impressive 80-90% in comparison to traditional X-ray techniques.
  • The need for harmful chemicals in the process performing the digital X-ray is eliminated.
  • OPG – An OPG X-ray is to view all  the upper and lower teeth, jaw and surrounding structures. This machine is also digital, meaning low dose radiation and no waiting or being referred.

Why does your dentist recommend X-rays?

  • Since back teeth have a tight contact with each other and decay that starts in between the teeth is only visible when the cavity becomes large, this leads to a large filling susceptible to breaking, weak tooth and high risk of tooth ache after the filling resulting into the expense of a root canal. On an X-ray this type of cavity can be easily visualised and filled while it’s still small.
  • Cavities starting under old existing fillings or under the gums can be visualised on the X-rays before the cause tooth ache or lead to the tooth breaking.
  • To check jaw infections


At Dental Solutions Oaltey we use the latest in computer-guided “flap-less” surgery for implant placement along with tried and tested traditional methods best suited to your needs.

This latest technology is gaining popularity among clinicians and patients due to its many advantages"

  • Its minimally invasive nature
  • Accuracy of implant placement
  • Predictability
  • Less post-surgical discomfort
  • Reduced time required for definitive rehabilitation.

This protocol allows to select the ideal implant position in depth, inclination and mesio-distal distance between natural teeth and or other implants enabling a very safe and predictable rehabilitation compared with conventional surgery.

It represents a good tool for the best compromise between anatomy, function and aesthetic, able to guarantee better results in all clinical situations.



Air abrasion dentistry is a drill-less technique that works like a mini sandblaster to remove and debris and roughen the surface of crowns or the tooth.

Its great for:

  • Cleaning out crowns
  • Sandblasting the tooth makes the bond between the tooth and the filling/crown greater.
  • Painless cleaning of fissures
  • To roughen up prior to bonding.

At Dental Solutions Oatley our dentists are skilled in the area of air abrasion dentistry to provide you with the maximum comfort.