The Perfect Brush – Harder is not Better!

Can you brush your enamel away? How much is too much brushing? What’s the right brush for you?

We’ve been trained while growing up to brush, longer and harder, so the teeth feel really clean and we don’t get cavities. What we don’t realise the wrong technique can cause more harm than benefit.

Yes we can brush our enamel away and it doesn’t come back. This leaves an indent in the tooth around the gum, weakening the tooth and causing sensitivity.

This can be treated easily with a white filling



If left untreated the tooth keeps getting weaker and is at risk of tooth ache, nerve damage and snapping off at the gum line altogether.

It is recommended to treat these areas as soon as possible.

The Do’s and Don’ts of brushing

  • Use a medium tooth brush
  • Brush twice a day for a maximum of 2 minutes (it’s a limit not a challenge)
  • Use controlled gently circular motion to clean the teeth around the gum areas
  • Do not scrub or use excess force
  • Do not brush with a vigorous forward and back motion
  • Don’t hold the brush tightly in a fist (hold it with a light grip between your thump and pointing finger.
  • Don’t always start brushing from the same side – keep changing
  • Look out for your tooth brushing – if it looks like this, you are brushing toot hard.