Welcome to the world of Cosmetic Dentistry, where the artistry of dental professionals meets the aspirations of individuals seeking their perfect smile. Whether you want to improve the appearance of your teeth, correct imperfections, or achieve a Hollywood-worthy grin, cosmetic dentistry offers an array of innovative treatments that can revitalize your smile and boost your self-confidence.

Teeth whitening is the process of altering the colour of your teeth to a lighter, brighter, and whiter shade. Our patients request whitening treatment for a number of different reasons from wanting to look their best for a special event or they are just after an everyday confidence boost. At Dental Solutions Oatley, we offer both in chair or take home whitening options. If whitening treatment is something you would like to discuss further we offer consultations with our dentist who will discuss both whitening options with you and conduct a whole mouth examination to ensure you are a suitable candidate for whitening treatment.

  • In chair whitening – Our in chair whitening treatment is the solution for patients short on time or who prefer to leave the hard work to our dentists, during the in chair treatment patients can expect to sit back and relax while watching your choice of television show while your dentist applies, controls and monitors a professional grade hydrogen peroxide based gel that works to brighten your smile to your preferred shade of white. You will leave this appointment with two custom made whitening trays so you are able to refresh your smile as you like.
  • Take home whitening kit – Our take home whitening kit is the perfect solution for our patients who prefer to whiten their teeth at a slower pass in the comfort of their own home. With the take home whitening kit patients are still able to achieve the whitening results they desire but the home safe lower concentrate whitening solution needs more time to achieve these results. You will leave this appointment with two custom made whitening trays and in depth instructions on how to use the whitening solution correctly and safety.


Dental veneers are the ultimate smile makeover which sit on top of your existing smile in a thin layer that are designed to match your face perfectly. Veneers can treat a whole smile or just a selected few to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape that will better match the rest of your smile. Veneers can be made from a range of different materials with each material having its own unique properties that will better suit each individual’s lifestyle, our dentists are happy to discuss the different options available to you in order to achieve your desired result.

  • Porcelain – Porcelain veneers are a thin ceramic covering that are bonded to sit on top of your original smile. They completely mask any discolored or misshapen teeth with a perfect uniform porcelain shell. Porcelain veneer treatment is a multi-staged process, at the first appointment patients can expect to leave with a temporary set of veneers while a specialist lab works to perfect your final smile. Once the final veneers are returned and ready to install our patients walk out of Dental Solutions Oatley beaming with the confidence only the perfect smile can achieve.
  • Composite – Composite veneers utilize a material similar to what we use for filling work. Our composite veneers are designed and handcrafted to balance your smile in shape and colour in a quick, easy and budget friendly process. This process in less invasive when compared to porcelain veneers and a good first step for trialing if future porcelain veneers will work for you and your lifestyle before committing. Some patients like to combine whitening treatment before composite veneers are applied to achieve a stunning result.